Eating like a caveman can be challenging when on the go, that’s why we created the Paleo Hero range of delicious, healthy, convenient snacks.

Our commitment is to using the best 100% all natural ingredients in all our products, supplying a great source of protein, antioxidants and EFA’s, free of gluten, dairy, grains, additives and preservatives.
Who Should Eat Primal Snacks?
Anyone looking for wheat & gluten free Paleo diet snacks - Ranging from Cross Fitters & Fitness lovers, Coeliacs, Vegetarians, Vegans, Hikers, Bikers, Golfers, Tennis Players, Footy Players, Swimmers, Kids and well just about anyone who wants to live lean, healthy and strong.
All Natural, Gluten Free, Preservative Free, All Natural Sugars.

Aussie Owned & Aussie Made.